Achieving a gold standard requires an unwavering commitment to all program elements framed by strong organizational beliefs, principles, and ironclad values. 

  1. Standards are the principles and guidelines we follow. 
  2. We will not stoop to lower levels to meet you, but will expect you to meet us at our level – the top. 
  3. A personal commitment to be the best I can at all things – Excellence in small things leads to excellence in all things. 
  4. Everything counts – first we will be best, the we will be first.
  5. Success is not necessarily world-class talent, but world-class performance. 
  6. A level of commitment to the end goal is most important.
  7. The end game is winning which is the standard by which all athletic teams are pursuing.
  8. Can one star in the role he is given, putting the team before himself. 
  9. A standard expects relentless effort, knowing full well we will make mistakes. Mental mistakes are not tolerated. 
  10. Setting the bar high and eliminating mental barriers. 
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