Right Fit

A right fit is a person of exemplary character displaying a selfless attitude, a relentless work ethic, and competitive excellence. 

  1. The most important asset to a team or organization is not just our people, but the right people. 
  2. Someone who exemplifies a selfless attitude and a relentless competitive excellence. 
  3. A person with an exceptional work ethic. Not an exceptional want ethic.  
  4. Someone with supreme discipline to put in the required time to reach personal excellence. 
  5. The right fit exhibits a high moral and ethical standard. 
  6. The right fit is someone with an aptitude for learning.
  7. The right fit has and maintains a personal standard of excellence and personality. 
  8. The right fit has a desire to win – be the best.
  9. The right fit operates with great amounts of humility.
  10. A person who is the right fit has set personal goals that do not come at the expense of the overall culture of the team – team first attitude.
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