Leadership and Leadership Development

It begins with a clearly defined vision that promotes bottom to top ownership while continuously encouraging, empowering, and developing the whole person.

  1. Leadership is sharing the belief in the visionary goal. 
  2. Developing leadership is the intentional act of a leader designed to influence others to do what’s necessary within the team’s culture to be the best they can be.
  3. Developing leadership is working the process, handling discomfort, and solving problems.
  4. Leadership is the ability to get others to do what they do not want to do and like doing it. 
  5. Leadership requires an investment in your people. 
  6. Leadership development requires the leader to guide a person through the difficult times.  
  7. Leadership is the transfer of belief in your people individually and collectively. 
  8. Leadership is placing your people in situations where they can excel. 
  9. Leadership is identifying a problem, creating a vision – the end result, the preparing and executing a plan to meet the end goal.
  10. Leadership and leadership development take a bottom up approach promoting ownership, empower their people to take an active role in the process to reach envisioned goal
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