Growth Mindset

Someone who not only examines themselves through reflection and evaluation, but someone who studies universal greatness, and then applies it to their craft without hesitation.

  1. A person with a GM examines themselves, A-Z, top to bottom, east to west and everywhere in between.  (Reflection, Intrapersonal)
  2. A person with a white-belt mindset. 
  3. Someone who has the desire to be a life-long learner.
  4. Someone who has the capacity for introspection and reflection.
  5. The intentional act of focusing on self-improvement – daily.
  6. It is being in the constant state of the reinvention of oneself. 
  7. Building a support group to rely on. Their own personal board of directors.
  8. A never-ending relentless effort to gain knowledge about the things you know, while uncovering things you do not know.
  9. It is a thirst for knowledge
  10. Works to improve their emotional intelligence.
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