Consistency and Consistent Communication

The ability to set a daily example of championship excellence that includes unambiguous communication within a process-driven system. 

  1. It is being the same person each day.  
  2. It is living the culture they are seeking to attain every day. 
  3. With a consistent relentless effort by the leader, trust is earned, creating opportunities to reach unit goals. 
  4. The ability to exceptionally communicate the cultural standards that we have with extreme clarity. 
  5. It is the consistency within the consistency. The leader’s daily approach will not be much different than the day prior. 
  6. Consistency and Consistent Communication offer no real surprises.  
  7. The understanding that your behavioral model should reflect what you want from your players. 
  8. Have you made your culture exceptionally clear, behaviors clear, beliefs clear, the outcomes you are pursuing clear? – The messaging must be clear and concise – crystal – the same language. 
  9. We deliberately exude positivity in all one on one and team settings. 
  10. Leaders remain on course. They stay on the path, work the process, handle adversity, mistakes, setbacks, continue to invest the time required to achieve the aligned goals.
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